The Most Popular Tie-Dye Techniques Used in Fabric Designing

5 min readMar 15, 2021

Fabric designing is one of the most innovative ways of adding colours and patterns to a plain and simple fabric. Fabric designing can be done using a variety of ways and colours. One of the most famous and easiest ways of adding design to a fabric is by using various dying techniques. Dying techniques are also used for textile designing which is done at a much larger scale. Many fabric design courses offer detailed lessons on the different types of dying techniques that can be used while designing a fabric.

In the past two years, the technique of Tie-Dye has gained immense popularity among the younger generation. This is because this technique of fabric designing is extremely easy to execute and can be used to create a wide range of patterns. Tie-Dye is also being largely practiced at homes because people have learnt how to easily make these patterns without having to spend too much money on expensive fabrics. There are some Tie-Dye techniques that have become very popular among everyone. Let us take a look at what patterns can be created using the Tie-Dye technique.

Most Popular Tie-Dye Techniques these Days

1. Reverse Tie-Dye

Just like the name suggests this Tie-Dye technique is the opposite of what is done while dying other fabrics. Generally different colours are added on to the fabric in the Tie-Dye method but in the reverse Tie-Dye method, bleach is added to the parts to remove colour and make the fabric design look attractive. Before you apply the bleach, you are supposed to tie the fabric in multiple places from where you want the colour to fade away. After tying the cloth, you are now required to dip it in bleach so that the colour fades away from that specific area and a beautiful, funky design is created as a result of it.

2. Diagonal Stripe Design

This is one of the simplest techniques used in fabric design. It is extremely easy to make this kind of tie and get the right striped design. Although the technique is fairly simple, the look of the design created is extremely unique. Most Tie-Dye fabric designs look good on young people but this specific Tie-Dye technique can be used to design tshirts for older people as well. The simple stripe pattern creates a sophisticated and colourful look that can be paired with any outfit.

Image source: DIY 4 Tie Dye

3. Ice-Dye Technique

The ice dye technique can be used in creating a water colour effect. This is a unique textile designing technique which helps in creating a print like no other. The Ice-dye technique is very easy and requires just one extra material, ice. The rest of the procedure is similar to any other Tie-dye style. You just need to tie the fabrics in various places, dip it in dye and put a load of ice on top of it. After this you just wait for the colour and the ice to do its magic and for the pattern to spread all over the fabric.

Image source: Bre Pea

4. The Polka Dot Pattern

This fabric design pattern is one of the oldest techniques of creating patterns on a fabric. The polka dot pattern refers to adding white dots of any size on a coloured fabric. While following this Tye-Die technique, you just have to tightly knot the fabric in a few places where you want the dots to appear and then dip it in a solution of bleach and water. This pattern looks the best on any kid’s wear fabric since it gives out a young and colourful appeal. If you are a mother and want to redesign your kids’ wardrobe, then this is one technique that will help in making wonderful clothes.

5. The Rosette Pattern

This pattern was one of the most used Tie-Dye techniques during the lockdown. Many people were curious to know how this technique can be used to create intricate designs that look like roses all over a t-shirt. To get this pattern, you need to pinch the fabric together and create a small tight knot that doesn’t have a very thick radius. Then you simply need to dip the fabric in the dye and keep it for a while. If you are looking to create patterns on a colourful fabric, then you can use the reverse dying technique that was mentioned above. Once you open the cloth you will find a beautiful fabric design that looks like an abstract rose and gives out a funky vibe.

Image source: Pacific Event Productions

6. The Ring Design

Another popular Tie-Dye technique is the ring design technique which is again very simple to create but gives out a striking look. The idea is to create a huge ring in the middle of the fabric or a t-shirt by knotting a large piece of fabric in a tight bunch. This fabric design technique is super easy to execute and can never go wrong.

The beauty of Tie-Dye is that it allows you to create abstract designs on a piece of fabric without having to put too much of effort. In today’s fashion world, Tie-Dye techniques are being used by many. This style of fabric design is the current favourite of the youth and will continue to be so for some time to come.

Image source: Cornell events calendar

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