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6 min readMay 11, 2022

So many bags to make, so little time. Bag making is a symbol of cheerfulness, full of good spirits and is likely to dispel gloom or worry. Add just the right touch to an outfit through these stylish bag making ideas.

1.Map Sack

A map sack is a simple bag making at home technique that can make sightseeing or hiking a little easier. All you need to do is to tuck in your maps, slip on the bag and you are ready to go. You can make map sacks of countless designs, shapes and sizes.

What will you need to make a map sack?

  • 1/4 yard of fabric for the bag and 1/8 yard of fabric for the strap.
  • Sewing supplies.

What you’ll do to make a map sack?

  • Decide your bag size that will hold a standard road map.
  • Follow the measurements and cut your fabric.
  • Press under each top edge and stitch the top edges.
  • Make the strap and stitch it inside the bag.
  • Use a straight stitch and stitch all the way up the sides.

2.Zippered Wristlet


Learn hand bag making at home and create a simple, zip-top pouch that can hold about anything. Make a large one to carry all your makeup products or a small one for cards, coins or gadgets. Since the result of having this pouch is so rewarding, it proves as a great practice for beginners. In addition, you also can get over your fear of zippers.

What will you need to make a zippered wristlet?

  • 1/4 yard of fabric scraps for the lining and the pouch.
  • 8″ of ribbon for embellishment (optional).
  • 1/8 yard of fabric for the strap (optional).
  • A plastic nylon zipper equal to the length of your pouch.
  • Sewing supplies.

What you’ll do to make a zippered wristlet?

  • Since making a zippered wristlet is a challenging task, be very careful while deciding your bag size.
  • Cut four pieces of fabric, a strap and embellishment.
  • Stitch pieces and sides to the zipper.
  • Turn the pouch and finish the lining.
  • Add a strap near the zipper and turn your zippered wristlet into a wristlet.

3.Personal Purse

A personal purse is a simple purse that can be designed to suit your individual taste and needs. Learn hand bag making at home and customise a personal purse to fit your daily essentials with pockets for gadgets like a MP3 player or a phone. You can either add a zipper to the main compartment or a flap on top. You can also choose to do both.

What will you need to make a personal purse?

  • 1/2 yard of fabric for the strap and the bag.
  • 1/2 yard of contrasting fabric for the pocket and flap.
  • 1 matching zipper equal to the width of the purse.
  • Sewing supplies.

What you’ll do to make a personal purse?

  • Decide the size of your purse based on the pockets, the main compartment or both.
  • Cut out the primary fabric and the contrasting fabric.
  • Make the pockets.
  • Make and attach the flap to the back panel (optional).
  • Stitch the zipper and flip the top layer away from the zipper to get a feel for how the bag is coming together (optional).
  • Make and attach the straps, going through the zipper and backtrack.
  • Stitch and turn your bag right side out through the zipper opening and press.

Other Options:

  • Unzipped: Leave out step 6 to make the personal purse without a zipper. You can add a lining instead.
  • Unflappable: Leave out step 5, in case you want the zipper but not the flap. You now have a zip-top purse with even easier access to the front pockets.
  • Security: Add a closure such as some snaps, Velcro or a button and a buttonhole, to secure your flap.
  • Customise: Turn a simple purse into a perfect travel accesory by changing the shape and pocket layout with the help of bag making at home classes. Add an extra safety slot in the form of a zippered side pouch.

4.DJ Bag


A traditional messenger bag is good enough to hold just about anything. It is originally in the shape of a square to hold record albums, but you can customise it to get the best shape according to your needs. Learn hand bag making at home and make a DJ bag to carry your college supplies, art books or magazines or use it as a non-traditional handbag.

What will you need to make a DJ bag?

  • 1 yard of fabric for the front, bag and the flap.
  • 1/2 yard of fabric for the sides of the bag and straps.
  • 3/4 yard of fabric for the lining of the bag.
  • Sewing supplies.

What you’ll do to make a DJ bag?

  • Decide the size of the bag based on the size of the items you’ll carry in the bag.
  • Cut out the front, back, flap and lining pieces from the fabric.
  • Stitch the body.
  • Make and attach the flap and the strap.
  • Line your bag or use a zigzag stitch on your raw edges.

Heavy Duty

The messenger style bag is also a great option for a laptop bag. However, remember that a laptop needs serious cushioning and secure sewing. Beef up your bag using the options given:

* Fabric:

To make bags at home, choose sturdy fabrics like denim, canvas, cotton duck or anything labelled “ home decor” or “ upholstery” weight. Make sure your stitching is secure by using a heavier weight thread.

* Interfacing:

You can attach interfacing to most fabrics if you’re looking for more structure. At the beginning of the project, just apply the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric and then continue as you normally would.

* Padding:

You can use a soft, plush lining like flannel, fleece or corduroy to protect your goodies inside. According to hand bag making at home courses, you should probably add some batting or foam if you need extra cushioning. To add the batting or foam, leave an opening and insert the padding just before stitching up the panels.

* Lining:

If you are lining your bag, depending on the combined thickness of your beefy extras: the fabric, batting and interfacing, you’ll probably want to leave a wider opening in the lining to pull the bag through.

Ensure the quality or state of being free through the above-mentioned bag making techniques and celebrate your newly found skill.

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