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Nature Creative Photography Ideas! If you’re an aspiring nature photographer, you can start to explore new locations and capture the beauty of nature. Take the inspiration from nature’s creative photography ideas here and rock your photographic way.

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Nature Creative Photography Ideas

Nature photography! The best part about it is that it is so accessible, whether it might be a single flower or a dragonfly or a buzzing bee. Let’s have some interesting nature creative photography ideas.

1. Flowers

The best part about nature is that flowers are readily available in our surroundings. So, take the advantage of it and experiment by capturing different lighting conditions and different angles. Create an interesting effect with backlighting when photographing flowers, as this creates a three-dimensional effect.

2. Rainfall

The common nature of creative photography ideas is the best one. Head out just after the rain which is a great time to shoot in nature. Focus on the smallest raindrops on a leaf by using a wide aperture, which will blur other inaccurate details.

3. The Stars

Although the night is arguable for the more difficult nature of creative photography ideas, you can sharpen your skills over time with practice. You might spot stars lighting up the night sky in such a beautiful form to mesmerise others.

4. Sun Haze and Sun Flare

Make interesting shots by playing with different effects of the sun. The best part about this nature creative photography idea is that you can experiment with the light at different times of the day — sunrise, sunset and even when the sun is high in your backyard. Try shooting for a different effect with and without a lens.

5. Get Equipped

If you are heading out for a few hours, wear comfortable shoes, a hat and a jacket that you can move in easily. A camera bag with extra batteries, memory cards and a tripod can also help. Now start capturing the things even that are dull and boring. This will help you in practice and also sometimes you might get amazing images with random clicks!

6. Leaf Litter

Another interesting nature creative photography idea is to photograph a tree from below. Or otherwise leaf litter from above. You can try out a wide variety of angles and create interesting patterns you can create in nature. For instance, try making one tree the sole focus of your shot, which is a creative portrait photography shot. Trees can also be used to frame a wider landscape and trees growing close together upwards.

7. Time Lapses

A time-lapse is simple for anyone to shoot and can even be shot from the windows inside the house which provides some incredible footage. Your shots can involve natural events like a thunderstorm rolling in or the solar system twinkling at night and something else which is totally dependent on your innovative skills.

Pro Tip — crop the images cleverly. Don’t under-estimate the power of cropping an image. Crop your nature creative photography images close to the focus, according to the things that you are trying to highlight. When it comes to nature creative photography ideas, this could mean anything, from leaves on the floor to a hummingbird’s beak.

Try out these interesting nature creative photography ideas to get the knack of photography skills.

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