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Why not take a cue from Vastu with the help of the Hunar App and make our home a healthy and prosperous one?

The Hunar App is a very interesting concept with a plethora of opportunities to explore. It allows accessibility to 30+ courses designed especially for the female section of society. The app interface is easy to browse through. Watching trial classes and getting enrolled has never been as simple as it is with the Hunar App. The courses here allow for the overall development of vocational and creative skills.

One such course included in the Hunar App is Home Décor, where you learn to create candles, make mini gardens and more! Today, we are taking a look at plants for home décor. Install some of these Vastu plants inside your home and feel a soothing vibe run through every corner of the house.

1.Bamboo Plant

According to the Hunar app, in feng shui, the bamboo plant is considered the luckiest. It is supposed that this plant brings home a positive vibe, luck, peace and prosperity. Bamboo plants grow in an upward trend and so it is also considered a symbol of progress. If you are planning a gift for someone then the bamboo plant may just be the right choice.

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Precautions and Tips Suggested by the Hunar App

  • Never keep it under direct sunlight.
  • Change the water of the bamboo plant at least once every week.
  • Try to purchase a three-layered bamboo plant and wrap it around with a sacred red ribbon.
  • If any stem of the plant appears to be deteriorated by fungus, remove it quickly from the bunch.

2.Money Plant

It is also known as Pathos. According to the Vastu, money plants help in removing the negativity and financial problems of the household. You can either have it planted in water or soil but having it planted in water is a sign of good luck. Hunar App suggests changing the water at least once per week and keeping it under indirect sunlight for good growth. The dryness of money plant leaves or their colour change from green to yellow is supposed to bring bad luck. It is thus important here to remove the dried out leaves from the plant immediately. The spreading of leaves at surface level is considered a bad omen while sprouting in an upward motion is a good omen. Money plants should be planted in the southeast corner of the house for maximum benefit.


This is originally named holy basil. Tulsi can be found in almost every Indian house and its benefits are numerous as mentioned by the Ayurveda. It is used to cure several diseases and is supposed to be a symbol of wealth. The northeast direction of the house is considered the best for planting Tulsi but you can also have it either in the north or east direction. According to the Hunar App, you should always keep a Tulsi plant under medium direct sunlight and in a clean surroundings.

4.Snake Plant

It is a natural air purifier. According to the Hunar App, it is low maintenance, and hard to kill the plant. It grows well under bright indirect sunlight. The leaves of the plant are green and pointed like the head of the snake. The plant filters the harmful gases from the air and provides us with fresh oxygen to breathe. It also reduces our stress and thus helps to make us healthy. According to Vastu, the best locations for snake plants are south, east and southeast directions.

5.Aloe Vera

It is well known for its medicinal properties. According to the Hunar App, it is used for hair care as well as skincare. Vastu suggests that the plant helps in increasing the flow of positivity around the house. Aloe vera is best suited when kept in the north or east direction. It is quite easy to maintain as all you have to do is keep it under bright indirect sunlight. As it is succulent in nature, the leaves of aloe vera are already filled with water and so you have to keep in mind not to do excessive watering to these plants. After the mud gets dry, you can water the aloe vera plant once every two weeks.

6.Jade Plant

It is believed that this plant increases the flow of health, wealth and positive energy. Other names for the Jade plant include ‘lucky plant’ and ‘money tree’. It is lucky to keep this plant at the entrance gate of the house. It is believed that this plant attracts money like a magnet attracts iron ores. You can also keep the jade plant at the cash counter of your shop. For increasing the flow of wealth, this plant should be kept in the southeast direction while for increasing the flow of health, it should be kept in the east direction. For new projects and child luck, Hunar App suggests keeping the jade plant in the west direction.

7.Banana Tree

According to the Hunar App, the banana tree is supposed to be the embodiment of Lord Vishnu and it is believed that planting a banana tree can remove all your financial crises. It helps to remove the negativity and brings in positivity around the house. It is considered to be a sacred tree and hence, should be planted in the northeast direction of the house. Apart from this, you can also have it planted in the east or north direction. For better results, the banana tree should be planted close to the Tulsi tree.


Marigold can be planted in the north or east direction of the house. For proper growth of this flowering plant, keep it under medium to bright direct sunlight. To save it from the excessive summer heat, Hunar App suggests keeping it under shade.

9.Rubber Plant

According to the Vastu, keeping a rubber plant in the southeast corner of the living room helps in the successful management of the business and also keeps financial crises at bay. According to the Hunar App, it is a low-maintenance air-purifying plant. Keeping it under direct sunlight can deteriorate the plant. Keep it under medium to bright indirect sunlight and remember to water it every third day for its better growth.

10.Peace Lily

source: mydomaine

It is also known as the cobra plant. It is supposed to be a symbol of love and peace. This is the reason why this plant is suitable to be kept inside the bedroom. It is also a good booster for mental health and helps reduce stress. It is also a low-maintenance air-purifying plant and just like rubber plants, it too shall be kept away from direct sunlight and under medium indirect sunlight.

Add a bit of greenery, lushness and luck to your home by opting for the above-mentioned Vastu plants and with the help of the Hunar App.

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Originally published at https://www.hunarcourses.com on May 19, 2022.



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